Meet Regen Health

REGEN HEALTH is creating a unique data platform to deliver regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy clinical trials management to physicians and patients.

We offer an ideal solution custom designed for providers seeking a lightweight clinical trials management system that can be deployed quickly. REGEN HEALTH delivers exceptional functionality yet its’ simple, out-of-the-box deployment eliminates the need for technical infrastructure or resources. Includes comprehensive training that follows the provider closely from trial start-up to trial completion. Specific processes addressed within REGEN include EHR data importer (HL7 FHIR based), remote data capture, trial oversight, trial tracking and management, site monitoring, investigator management, as well as payment management.


Stem cells are the body's own natural power to heal itself – Through years of research and clinical trials it is possible to harness this healing power to help us live our best life. Regenerative medicine is a revolutionary new area of medicine giving us the potential to heal damaged tissues and organs. Patients who suffer from chronic disease may have a new hope to live a better, more comfortable lives. Regen Health is on the forefront of delivering this new technology


We envision a future where we use our bodies’ own innate repair mechanism to heal damaged organs.

A future where instead of transplanting organs, we have the science and the knowledge to repair our own.

A future where we are fully informed and engaged in every health care decision.

A future where Regen Health is the platform to facilitate education, discovery, and the translation of Regenerative Medicine into life-saving treatments for people with conditions that are beyond repair.


The fragmented health care industry is struggling to control the massive flow of data among various entities, and individuals. Errors accumulate and propagate without much oversight. Patients are rarely kept in the loop of their own data flow and are often the last to have access to vital information on a moment notice.

The healthcare information technology landscape is changing quickly to meet the demands of the population. There is significant movement away from the old incomplete and disconnected paper health records to the new One-Patient-One-Chart health story. The market is flooded by Electronic Health Records (EHR) solutions that are designed for niche markets and are typically custom, low volume, proprietary, and under-supported. They handle basic patient demographics, clinical data, insurance billing, and collections. While better than paper, they have one glaring problem — today’s EHRs can’t and don’t communicate with each other. They simply are not designed to properly create the beneficial secure interactions between doctors and their patients. Doctor-patient interaction outside of the office is often minimal, impersonal, and inadequate. Patients lack the tools to collect, track, and share important, up-to-date information about their health or the health of someone in their care. Our solution makes it possible for a doctor to take a vital piece of health record, place it in a HIPAA-compliant “binder” from which another authorized doctor at a separate facility can access. Similarly, the ability to share that report with the patient will help to engage them directly in the ongoing management of their care. Data privacy and security is a key requirement for every healthcare professional. HIPAA requires all physicians to train their staff in patient privacy issues and establish policies for handling protected electronic patient records. Solo and small physician groups that might have assumed they were exempt from government data-security regulations received a rude awakening in 2012, when a five-physician Phoenix-based cardiac practice was fined $100,000 for failing to comply with the privacy provisions of HIPAA. With the Department of Health and Human Services gearing up for a major audit, it's crucial for healthcare professionals who may have overlooked the latest HIPAA rules to do a tune-up and an overhaul of their policies.


Located in Los Angeles, California, is built based on 60 years of solid background and experience in medicine, science and technology. Our innovative platform has been developed, tested, and deployed.


Regen Health has designed a simple, fast, and affordable software platform for data collection in clinical trials. It introduces a novel approach to enhance and streamline the flow of data in the healthcare industry, and puts the patient in the center of the data exchange process. Health care providers have access via www.regenhealth.org, a cloud-based and HIPAA compliant solution dedicated to ease the frustration of running a medical office, scheduling, patient tracking, billing, and reporting. Their focus will primarily concentrate on delivering better patient care. Patients on the other hand, have their own separate access through a smart patient portal, www.stemcellandme.com, where they can keep track of accurate and up-to-date health records, pay bills, make appointments, and connect with new professional experts with ease and convenience. Regen Health eliminates the need to be at the mercy of a provider or a hospital for access to any vital information in case of an emergency or being away from home. Both patients and providers will benefit from full data security and HIPPA compliancy as mandated by the government.

Regen Health is a breakthrough comprehensive data management system designed for the modern healthcare provider. It is designed to simply “connect” medical professionals through a secure and HIPAA-compliant platform to interact and communicate with their peers and their patients. Streamlining the patient care process, it aims to simplify the day-to-day office administration tasks with an entirely new approach. With Regen Health, patients request and schedule appointments, review and complete pre-admission and registration papers, refill prescriptions, pay bills, review laboratory results, and are fully engaged in their health management from the comfort of their home without the need for a single phone call or email. Doctors on the other hand, simply enjoy the unparalleled power, reliability, and the ease-of-use of an advanced system that works. Stemcellandme.com, is a “patient-centered” gateway to promote a greater degree of collaboration between clinicians and their patients. Stemcellandme.com introduces a new model in which healthcare providers partner with their patients to identify and satisfy a full range of needs and preferences. In this scenario, patients are engaged and have full access to up-to-date content and information about their health and treatment plans. The Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project in 2014 reported that “… 69% of U.S. adults track a health indicator for themselves or a loved one.” The California HealthCare Foundation reported that, “Patients pay more attention and become more engaged in their health and medical care when they have easy access to their health information online.” Patient-Centered is a model in which doctors partner with patients and their families to identify and satisfy a full range of needs and preferences. Patients have full access and control over their health and treatment records. The IOM (Institute of Medicine) defines patient-centered care as: "Providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions."


Embracing social media to build an effective online presence could help doctors reduce workloads by moving interactions that are currently done over the phone or in the office to faster and more convenient online platforms. The connected physician uses his/her website, blogs, social media, etc. as the primary channel to connect with patients and new prospects. In the age of “social media”, everyone is following someone or something, it is imperative that they should be able to follow their own health as well. With convenient access to providers, labs, smart wearables and health records one is always following their own health.